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Indigenous Australia

South Australian Aboriginals face new nuclear test
The budget for the 2015 Indigenous Advancement Strategy funded South Australian Aboriginal communities less than ten per cent of what they required, and some received nothing at all. So with the prospect mooted of the state hosting a depository for the world's high-level radioactive waste, it's a very relevant concern that some communities might be enticed to offer themselves as a site. This is not only a justice issue for those communities; the environmental implications are far- reaching, writes Michele Madigan for Eureka Street.  

The Political Community

Myanmar’s ethnic parties still hope for key roleParties from Myanmar’s ethnic-based states, many of them heavily populated by Christians, are concerned about how many seats they will win in the nation’s federal parliament as they struggle against a national vote expected to be at least 70 percent for the main opposition party.  

The uncomfortable truth about Myanmar
The 150,000 or so Muslim Rohinyga now trapped in 10 refugee camps near Sittwe, the capital of Myanmar's Rakhine state, are not allowed to leave the site, nor are about 50,000 others who were, until now, villagers tilling the land and fishing the backwaters and shores.  

The Hurley legacy: remembering an anti- apartheid leader
Discovering the causes of major social problems then seeking to bring about change is, as Hurley recognised, a massive task. That is what drew him to the ecumenical and inter-faith movements. Despite our differences, he would say, there are so many things we object to and could tackle together: human rights abuses, poverty and inequality, violence and war, to mention just a few, writes Paddy Kearney for Thinking Faith.  

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

How thousands of Syrians have “disappeared” A new Amnesty International report reveals the massive scale of a systematic state campaign to eliminate dissent through enforced disappearances, writes Megan O’Toole for Al Jazeera.  

Trafficking in persons

Anti-human trafficking group must walk with victims – pope
Pope Francis has urged a group of international police commissioners and Catholic bishops to do more to help victims of human trafficking.  

Human Rights

New Zealand’s zionist diplomacy on the security council
The reprehensible draft ‘resolution’ circulated by New Zealand, the present chair of the UN Security Council, is so blatantly biased against the Palestinian people that it proffers the correct diplomatic protocol to mind its own business, particularly as NZ is an on- the-record apologist for Israel, writes Vacy Vlazna for The Palestine Chronicle.  

Rowling hands the sorcerer’s stone to the occupation
Harry Potter’s creator’s comments on the campaign for cultural engagement added insult to the injury of the Palestinian plight, writes Lamis Andoni for Al Jazeera.  

Malaysia: stop treating criticism as a crime
The space for public debate and free speech in Malaysia is rapidly narrowing, as the government resorts to criminal laws to silence its critics and quell public discontent.  


Community says no to gold mining
"Just tell them to go away" - that was the loudest message at a community meeting at Whakapara in the north of New Zealand about how to stop an Australian gold mining company going on to private land to carry out ground tests.  


Pope’s climate cardinal to visit Australia
With the Paris Climate Summit coming up on November 30, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga is in Australia this month to promote Pope Francis’ latest encyclical Laudato Si’. He says “some countries will not have a future’’ without transformational climate change action, reports The Australian.  

Prayer for our earth
…from Laudato Si’  

Book launch: The Intervention: an Anthology
In this historic anthology, award-winning writers Rosie Scott and Dr Anita Heiss have gathered together the work of twenty of Australian’s finest writers both Indigenous and non-Indigenous together with powerful statements from Northern Territory Elders to bring a new dimension and urgency to an issue that has remained largely outside the public radar.

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A smarter, more humane approach to crime that saves lives and builds safer communities.
Australia’s First Peoples are dramatically over-represented in prison statistics. ANTaR is campaigning to change this unacceptable situation and to end Aboriginal deaths in custody. Join us!  

Getting to know Catholic Social Teaching
For many years people have said that Catholic Social Teaching is our best kept secret, but I don’t think this is true anymore, writes Sandie Cornish.  



Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church

Major International Catholic Social Teaching Documents

Key Principles

Human Dignity
Each person, made in the image and likeness of God, has an inalienable and transcendent human dignity which gives rise to human rights.

The Common Good
We are called to work for conditions which ensure that every person and group in society is able to meet their needs and realize their potential.

The people or groups most directly affected by a decision or policy should have a key decision making role.

We can only grow and achieve our potential in relationship with others. Solidarity encourages us to commit ourselves to the common good.