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Did you know that people are trafficked into Australia? In this modern manifestation of slavery people are treated like commodities, and exploited sexually, or for their labour.

Anti-human trafficking group must walk with victims – pope
Pope Francis has urged a group of international police commissioners and Catholic bishops to do more to help victims of human trafficking.  

Philippine bishops call for ‘zero tolerance’ on human trafficking
The Philippine Catholic bishops' conference has called for "zero tolerance" of human trafficking, saying failure to actively fight modern slavery could undermine the church.

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Pope welcomes idea for anti-trafficking prayer day
The worldwide problem of human trafficking is set to become the subject of Vatican study after Pope Francis entrusted two Vatican academies to undertake a study and women religious asked for greater awareness in the church about the issue with a day of prayer and fasting.  

Good and evil faces of child labour
I met a young woman who had been sold as a domestic servant when she was five, and later on-sold for sex work in Bangkok, Malaysia and Australia. I also met a girl in a village of El Salvador: for generations her family had lived by making rope from cactus fibre. Her work contributed substantially to the family income and made her a valued member of her society, writes Andrew Hamilton for Eureka Street.  

'Shameful' failure to tackle slavery and human trafficking in the UK
Ministers, the police and social workers have been accused of a shocking failure to prevent the spread of modern slavery in the UK, leading to sexual exploitation, forced labour and the domestic servitude of adults and children from across the world.  

Trafficking highly lucrative
'Human trafficking is the second most profitable global business, surpassing drug trafficking, and second to arms trafficking. Approximately three million women and children are trafficked each year for labor or prostitution,' said Jackie Shapiro of End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT-USA).  

(see also 'Saving the trafficked women and children' from Fr Shay Cullen in Philippines)

Introduction to Trafficking
The International Franciscans' introduction to trafficking is a great place to explore the phenomenon of trafficking in persons and how international agencies have responded.

Stop the Traffik
Check out the Stop the Traffik website. Designed to raise awareness and understanding of the causes of trafficking worldwide and call for change. Click here for information on global campaigns, projects, events and resources.

Modern Slavery
Watch Hack's report on the making of Call & Response.

"… trafficking in human beings - especially women - …flourishes where opportunities to improve their standard of living or even to survive are limited."

Pope Benedict XVI, World Day of Migrants & Refugees Message, 2006.
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