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In its efforts to promote the fullness of life offered in Jesus, the Church’s concern extends to include violence, poverty, marginalization, and everything that diminishes people and communities. To be pro life is to be opposed to the death penalty.

Philippines urged to choose restorative over punitive
The Lower House of Congress in the Philippines has passed a death penalty bill. Unfortunately, vengeance and revenge for wrongdoing has become the driving force in the thinking of legislators. Compassion, rehabilitation, and eventual mercy and forgiveness are not in their hearts and minds, writes Shay Cullen.  

The Philippines moves to reinstate the death penalty
The predominantly Catholic Philippines moved closer to reinstating the death penalty on March 1 after a bill to allow capital punishment for drug-related offences passed its second reading in the country's Lower House of Congress.

Every death row prisoner has a story
What struck me, as I kept watch from overseas, were the ways in which we Australians came to better understand Andrew and Myuran as people with families and friends, writes Brian McCoy SJ in Province Express.  

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Death penalty under review in PNG after Indonesia fallout
The Pacific island nation revived capital punishment two years ago to reduce rampant crime, prompted in part by the burning alive of a 20-year-old woman by a crowd for sorcery.  

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In Indonesia divided opinions on the death penalty
As executions loom, President Widodo may have little to gain, a lot to lose, by showing mercy for drug convicts including two Australians – on the streets of Jakarta, opinion on the death penalty is sharply divided.  

Staying the executioners’ guns
Joko 'Jokowi' Widodo's inauguration as Indonesia's new president last October has done nothing to stem this tide (of executions). Jokowi has turned his back on expectations that he would pay heed to the human rights concerns of activist groups who were a vocal part of his support base. Instead, within his first 100 days of office he has already presided over six executions.  

Indian ruling highlights next World Day against the death penalty
On 21 January, India’s Supreme Court formally banned the execution of mentally ill prisoners and in doing so highlighted why this year’s World Day against the Death Penalty, which is dedicated to issues of mental health, is so important.

“The growing aversion of public opinion towards the death penalty and the various provisions aimed at abolishing it or suspending its application constitute visible manifestations of a heightened moral awareness.”
Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, n 405

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