Faith Doing Justice
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Introduction Key Principles & Ideas Methodology Documents

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How it Works

Catholic Social Teaching is a practical discipline which informs and guides action for social justice. It is part of the field of applied moral theology.

The resources on this page provide methods, techniques and tools to help you to draw authentically on Catholic Social Teaching as a guide for how you go about your work for a more just society.

How CST Helps Us Respond to Issues
Catholic Social Teaching grounds the vision, mission, approach and priorities of Catholic organisations. Find out more

Pastoral Spiral Framework for Action
A brief explanation of a simple, flexible framework for action. Use it together with the PowerPoint below.

Introducing the Pastoral Spiral
This framework shows how experience, analysis, and theological reflection all play a part in planning an effective faith response to injustice.

Tips for Reading the Documents
There's more to it than pulling out quotes that you like!

Theological Reflection on Social Issues
Presents some simple techniques that do not require specialist training.
Some Techniques of Analysis
Use these simple techniques in small groups, the classroom, or on your own. No need to be a victim of Ďanalysis paralysisí!


Key Principles And Ideas