Faith Doing Justice
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Getting Started

Catholic Social Teaching is about how our faith touches the social dimension of our lives. It is the teaching of the Catholic Church on matters of justice between groups in society.

Catholic Social Teaching calls us to work towards the justice of Godís Reign in the complex network of relationships in which we live. It provides us with touchstones that help us to live in right relationship with ourselves, others, with God, and with the whole of Godís creation.

The resources on this page are to help you get started in exploring the rich tradition of Catholic Social Teaching.

Laudato Si'
Discussion Guide

Caritas in Veritate
Full text of the encyclical
Discussion Guide
Powerpoint Reflection on the theme of love and truth in Caritas in Veritate
How Caritas in Veritate places integral human development at the centre of Catholic Social Teaching.

Introducing Catholic Social Teaching
Find out about what CST is,its sources, and different elements.
How CST Helps Us Respond to Issues
Catholic Social Teaching isnít just theory. It helps us to take effective action for positive change. Find out how.
What is Social Justice?



Key Principles And Ideas